DDW+H2, 低氘 氫水, A Tasty Health-Enhancer

DDW+H2, 低氘 氫水, A Tasty Health-Enhancer

In October 2013, the famous international academic journal Anti-Ageing published an article from the Japan Matsumoto Medical Center, which revealed an important part of anti-ageing mystery and caused a tremendous sensation in the anti-aging field. The article revealed that the amount of hydrogen exhaled by centenarians was more than three times that of average healthy people. Based on the confirmation of extensive biological effects of hydrogen molecules on the human body in recent years, the article drew the following conclusion: An important reason for the longevity of centenarians was that more hydrogen was produced in their bodies. 

TIMES ASIA, the Asian version of Time Magazine, once published a report on Hunza, the famous Pakistani village of longevity, where there were many centenarians but few occurrences of cancer, heart disease, abnormal blood pressure or other common modern diseases. It was said that cancer had been absent there for at least 900 years. In short, they were considered the world’s healthiest people. This phenomenon attracted the attention of scientists from all corners of the world. As a result, one survey found that the local drinking and crop-irrigation water came all from melted ice and snow from surrounding mountains. The deuterium level in the water was also found to be below 133 PPM, much lower than the 150 PPM average measured in the plain area and the 155 PPM in the equatorial area. Thus, the secret to longevity in Hunza was uncovered – Deuterium-Depleted Water, DDW.

To produce quality DDW incurs quite high cost if the traditional evaporation-of-water process were applied for deuterium depletion. Hence an alternative solution was found to reduce DDW production cost. In most heavy water production facilities water with low level of deuterium (light water) is considered as sub-product or waste. Using this waste water as prime material DDW can be produced for consumption, at lower price. But the whole industrial process used to produce heavy water left strong, unnatural flavor in its waste water which in turn is used for production of DDW.

Part of the reason Hunza people enjoy extremely good health is related to drinking natural water with low level of deuterium. Their crops are grown with the same water too. And they drink their water without any thinking. It´s just natural, part of daily life. So how can makers of DDW achieve both of the goals—lower level of deuterium in their product and at the same time let consumers drink it pleasantly?

One maker in Taiwan succeeded in transforming high purity water into deuterium-depleted water (DDW) through a month long process. The deuterium level is lowered to about 110 ppm.

In the same process hydrogen of high purity  (99.99999 %, or 7N) was dissolved in DDW up to level of saturation (about 2.14% H2 volume in water, or 1.6 ppm expressed by weight ratio).

THIS Deuterium Depleted, Hydrogen Saturated water (DDW+H2) set a new standard for all DDW makers regarding PURITY and FLAVOR. Its Pleasant Taste would make consumers actually ENJOY the drinking of DDW. The sensation of satisfaction and enjoyment caused by drinking something so simple as water (DDW+H2) for sure would also help those consumers with certain health issues. The only warning issued by the DDW+H2 maker in Taiwan to general consumers is that they do not encourage full replacement of daily consumption of water with their DDW+H2 since their products do not contain either minerals nor trace elements.

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