When You Drink DDW

When you drink DDW

It would lower Deuterium content in your blood

Basic parameters:

  1. An average person with a weight of 65 kgs has more or less 5,000 ml of blood.
  2. Typical drinking water has 150 ppm of Deuterium in the water.
  3. Most people in the world may have 150 ppm of Deuterium in their blood.
  4. Any water which has lower than 130 ppm Deuterium is considered as Deuterium Depleted.
  5. DDW product mentioned in this article contains 110 ppm of Deuterium and 2% of Hydrogen (volume, dissolved in water)
  6. DDW+H2 drinking volume for each day is established as 250 ml.
  7. For better results, at least a 90-days-DDW-drinking regimen should be considered.

Drinking DDW+H2:

Select a convenient hour. Every day at the same hour drink one 250 ml bottle of DDW.

250 ml DDW with 110 ppm Deuterium will get into blood which has 150 ppm Deuterium.

In the first day Deuterium in blood will be diluted to 148 ppm, or approximately 2 ppm lower.

In the second day Deuterium in the blood will be lowered 2 ppm further.

While drinking more DDW may drive Deuterium ppm lower in the blood, the actual amount of Deuterium ppm lowered by dilution would be less and less everyday until reaching a balance point which should be slightly higher than 110 ppm.

After drinking DDW+H2 water, the saturated Hydrogen eventually would be released inside body and be attracted to Hydroxylradical (OH), free radical. Hydrogen and OH will react and transform into water.

Deuterium content in water mentioned above is expressed as HDO and DDO.

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